Below is the extraordinary story of York Golf Club. We’ve been around more than 80 years and we keep improving with age!!

On April 26, 1924 York Lodge #563 assigned the land contract covering the Alpheus L. Pipes farm to the newly incorporated YorkTemple Country Club. Thus was born what would become today York Golf Club. The club’s purpose was to provide a gathering place and recreational opportunities for Masons and their families. The first Board of Directors was composed of 3 members of York Lodge and 2 members from both University Lodge and Capital City Lodge.

In August of 1926 the Board of Directors authorized the Executive Committee to engage the services of a golf architect to prepare plans for a proposed golf course. The committee enlisted George Sargent to lay out a nine hole golf course and supervise its construction. In June of 1927 the first nine holes were opened for play. In 1928 the clubhouse was opened.

The club hired its first professional, Mr. Herman Densmore “Denny” Shute in 1927 . Denny Shute ultimately become a three time major championship winner (British open 1933, PGA Champion 1936 & 1937). In fact, Mr. Shute was the last player to win consecutive PGA Championships until some fellow named Tiger Woods matched the feat in 1999 & 2000. The Memorial Tournament honored Mr. Schute in 2006 in recognition of his accomplishments as a player and contributions to the game.

1930 brought the plans for a second nine holes that opened in June of 1931. Although York now boasted an eighteen hole golf course, the depression of the 1930’s made for difficult times and uncertainty about the future. When the 1940’s arrived the Board of Directors weren’t sure whether the course could be kept open. Finally in March 1945 it was decided to close the course for the season. The spring of 1946 saw the re-opening of the course and membership grew slowly from around 180 in 1947 until membership was limited to 210 in the mid 1950’s and a waiting list established.

Golf carts were introduced to York in 1962 and in the same year an announcement was made that an outerbelt would be constructed near the south side of York property. The fairways received their first irrigation system in 1965 and in 1967 the membership limit was raised to 300 . A new clubhouse was open in 1970 the same year that I-270 would open. 1972 saw the addition of 5 non-lodge members to the previously exclusively Masonic membership roster.

While York is still owned by the same three Masonic Lodges, the membership is now a nearly even mixture of Lodge and non-Lodge members. All of whom are indebted to the men that followed their dreams and purchased a 140 acre farm 1 1/2 miles North of Worthington, Ohio and whose hard work and dedication made what we enjoy today possible.